Display Building

Contract Production Services offers assembly and packaging services to numerous brand leaders. Quality is paramount; we have achieved that in all areas of our expertise. Our in-house facility is also equipped with the latest innovations, allowing us to fulfill your numerous projects within the timeframe you require.

Customized solutions are the best option to truly capture your product’s essence. It’s why we consider the customer’s needs and preferences, especially in display packaging. Our turnkey solutions allow us to achieve your exact requirements and specifications so that you can display your items with peace of mind.

Exceeding Your Production Goals with Display Building

Strategic display building allows us to build a unique display system for your products with ease and accessibility in mind. We work hard to create a compelling solution with our quality display packaging materials. These provide many benefits, and it’s best to trust our experts for your display-building needs.

Applications for an effective display building:

  • Fast-moving products: These are products that consumers purchase frequently and require quick turnover. These include beverages, snacks, and other convenience goods that must be available during peak hours.
  • POP displays: POP stands for Point-of-Purchase, and a POP display refers to shelving units used to attract customers.
  • Retail displays: These displays carry products placed anywhere in the store.
  • Consumer electronics: Electronics also require display building for merchandising and to provide a better look.

Our display services allow brand leaders to highlight their products in different environments. We can creatively customize display-ready packaging solutions for your products and assemble them according to your requests.

Types of Retail Packaging We Can Produce

We have manufacturing capabilities that allow us to produce different types of packaging for you. Partnering with us for our retail packaging services means we can assemble your products without hassle. Assembly is done before loading and building the display.

Types of retail packaging we can produce and assemble:

  • Clamshell
  • Bag
  • Blister pack
  • Primary carton

We have the equipment and expertise to produce large volumes of the above retail packaging solutions. Our packaging and display services are the perfect pair to ensure a high-quality presentation for your products.

Managing Manual Pack-Out of Displays

If you’re looking for a manual pack-out of displays, we have you covered. Our versatile and comprehensive services are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring your products look compelling to your customers.

Contract Production Services also have years of experience in manual pack-outs. The products we handle also come in various sizes, shapes, and complexities. Rest assured that regardless of your requests, we can provide you with the best solutions for your products.

High-Quality Displays for Your Varying Needs

We have years of experience creating retail display packaging ready for display and assembly. Our quality displays are the best choice for your products, as we produce them using only premium materials to ensure longevity.

We understand that not all clients and products have the same preferences. That’s why we offer custom solutions for various applications so that you can receive your desired results. Additionally, client specifications and instructions are followed to the tee. The results are also secured to ensure your products reach their destination without damage.

Choose Contract Production Services for Your Display Packaging Needs

The best way to market your products is through our display-building service. With our expertise and knowledge in display packing, you can trust us to create a suitable display for your products. Make sure to reach out today to learn more about what we can do for you.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team is ready to find a solution that will erase your worries. You may also request a quote, and we can discuss how to serve your needs best.


Display Packaging Assembly

If the product in the display is a clamshell, blister pack, bag, or primary carton, Contract Production Services can assemble the product prior to building and loading the display.

Display Packaging Manual Pack-Out

Contract Production Services packs thousands of displays each year of varying sizes and complexities.

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