Our Services

We offer customizable services to ensure your requirements are met for a specific product or project. We’ll handle all details, from assembly to display, for unparalleled outcomes surpassing challenges in the retail environment.

Below are the services we offer and specialize in:

Retail Packaging

Custom Retail Packaging

We have different packaging options for retailers who want exceptional, eye-catching, and aesthetically-pleasing results. These will surely capture the attention of your target market, making them want to grab your products off the shelves.

Packaging options we have:

  • Clamshell packaging: Ideal for products that need to be visible. It has two halves connected with a hinged area that come together.
  • Blister packaging: Commonly used for small consumer goods, we can design pre-formed plastic packaging according to your product’s needs.
  • Bagging: Our forte is to create unique packaging with our bagging services using our automated baggers with superior printing capabilities.

We also offer manual assembly services where we can assemble products before packaging. It’s ideal for products with smaller parts and components that need to be accounted for while giving them an aesthetic appeal.


Display Packaging

Display Building

We have experience making the best display packaging for different types of products, making them easier to notice in the retail store. We’ll provide you with the right solutions to make sure your products look outstanding and attract more customers. The best part is that they’re used in various applications.

What we can do for you:

  • Manual assembly: Our display building service includes manually assembling your products in the display before building and loading them up.
  • Manual pack-out: We can expertly load packs on the displays, no matter what their sizes, shapes, and complexities are. We’ll find a way to make it work without compromising quality outputs.
  • Premium displays: We construct displays using premium quality materials to ensure their longevity. They must withstand the various factors they’re going to be exposed to, preventing your goods from being damaged.

Displays are a huge part of advertising your products while guaranteeing your market notices them. With our expertise, we can build displays that will fit your needs and exceed your expectations.


Expert Co-Packers You Can Trust

We aim to streamline your operations and develop unique solutions to drive outcomes that are second to none. At Contract Production Services, we aim to support our customers’ endeavors and ensure every project succeeds. With our commitment to excellence, we’re your co-packing partner who will fulfill your packaging requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You may also request a quote, and our team will reach out to you to further discuss your specifications and how we can attain them.