Assembly & Fulfillment

Our Business is Helping Your Business Succeed

Outsourcing your company’s assembly and fulfillment tasks allows you to streamline your operations, saving time and resources. Our team can efficiently assemble your products to be ready for packaging and shipping, ensuring orders are processed quickly and accurately.

Streamline Your Operations with Expert Assembly and Fulfillment Services

Let Us Handle Your Assembly and Fulfillment Needs

Our assembly and fulfillment services cater to a diverse range of industries and customers. With years of experience, we specialize in assembling products such as clamshells, blister packs, bags, and primary cartons. Trust Contract Production Services to handle your assembly and fulfillment needs with utmost care and precision. 

A person working as an assembly station.

Retail Packaging Assembly

We have an in-house facility that’s equipped with cutting-edge technology so that we can provide you with the latest retail packaging assembly services.

Display Packaging Assembly

If the product in the display is a clamshell, blister pack, bag, or primary carton, Contract Production Services can assemble the product prior to building and loading the display.

Fulfillment Services

We offer back-end fulfillment services that get your project ready for the retail environment. Our comprehensive offerings include fulfillment of POP displays, kit assembly, shrink wrapping, manual assembly, and more.

Manual Pack-Out

We can skillfully load packs onto displays of any size, shape, or complexity without compromising quality output. Our services are versatile and tailored to meet your needs, ensuring your products look compelling to customers.

Solving Problems for Top Brands Across the Country

Our goal is to simplify your operations and create customized solutions that deliver exceptional results. At Contract Production Services, we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed in every project they undertake. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we are the ideal partner for all your assembly and fulfillment needs and will ensure that your packaging requirements are met to the highest standards.

Providing You with Efficient Solutions

Outsourcing your assembly and fulfillment allows you to streamline your operations, saving time and resources, while also leveraging specialized expertise for a dependable timeline.

Quality Control

Our services ensure your products meet industry standards to reduce returns and maintain brand reputation. Our process encompasses rigorous quality assurance protocols, making certain the product not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.


As your business expands, our assembly and fulfillment services can effortlessly accommodate the surge in demand. We provide flexible and scalable solutions for your needs, whether you require a small batch of products assembled or thousands of orders fulfilled.