Display Building

Exceeding Your Production Goals with Expert Display Building

Contract Production Services provides assembly and packaging services to various leading brands. Our primary focus is on quality, and we ensure that it is maintained in all aspects of our expertise. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technologies, allowing us to complete your projects within your desired timeframe.

Extraordinary Innovations to Give You the Competitive Edge

Display Building Services You Can Count On

Exceptional product displays are crucial for effective advertising. Our in-house facility is equipped with the latest innovations, which means we can deliver large-scale projects cost-efficiently and to the highest standards.


Two examples of built displays with products.

Fast-Moving Products

Your fast-moving products require quick turnover. We can package your product for market in customized, cost-efficient packaging.

POP Displays

Most retail products are assembled into retail display solutions for Point-of-Purchase display. We assemble POP displays and pack your finished product.

Retail-Ready Displays

Let us build and ship products for all your retail display packaging. Our packaging services are the perfect pair to ensure a high-quality presentation for your products.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics often require unique display building for merchandising, and you need a company that knows how to navigate the industry. Allow us to fulfill your numerous projects within the timeframe you require.

Manual Pack-Out of Displays

At Contract Production Services, we have years of experience in manual pack-outs. We can handle products of various sizes, shapes, and complexities, and can provide you with the best solutions to meet your unique requirements.

High-Quality Display Building for Your Changing Needs

We understand that every client and product have unique specifications, which is why we offer custom solutions for various applications to meet your needs.

Save Time And Money

Our display services allow manufacturers to highlight their products in competitive environments while saving you time and money.

Innovative Solutions

By outsourcing your display building needs to us, you can use our expertise and access to cutting-edge technology and materials to assemble your displays to stand out and attract attention.

Adaptability for the Dynamic Market

Our turnkey solutions offer flexibility and adaptability as we can easily adjust to fluctuating demands. We can handle volume increases while you respond to your market’s direction.